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Rescuses desperately need help from their communities in order to thrive. Please join us in our mission and together we can save lives.
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Every Community needs a dedicated and loving Rescue

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Fall in love with a Pretty Kitty

We save lives and often find and rescue kittens and cats in the most vulnerable of circumstances.

We bring them in, clean them up, and provide proper Veterinarian visits and medical care. But most importantly, we show these precious cats and kittens unconditional love so that each one has a new start in life.

Take a look at our available Pretty Kitty Rescues and open your heart and home to a wonderful new addition to your family today.

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Every dedicated Rescue needs their Community

Together we can make such an immeasurable difference in the lives of vulnerable cats and kittens. Rescue work is truly rewarding work and there are so many ways you can help.
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Fostering gives scared, vulnerable, and abandoned cats and kittens A Loving Home

When you temporarily foster an abandoned or orphaned cat or kitten, you give them a place to thrive and a person to love. Give your time and love to an animal in need and discover that true gift is really one you just gave to yourself.

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You can make a difference

Each act of kindess makes a huge impact in the lives of these little hearts.

We love Introducing our cats and kittens to the community

Bringing cats and kittens into communitiies is important to socialize them and to create lasting bonds.

Take a look at our upcoming events and Pretty Kitty Popups and come say hello.

Upcoming Events

Pretty Kitty Cares

We are excited to partner with local schools and nursing homes to give everyone the opportunity to experience the healing love of a rescued cat or kitten from Pretty Kitty Rescue. Because We Care

Anna C.

I can't imagine my life without her! Who knew that a kitten could change so much?

Breanna M.

Our new kitten has been the most wonderful addition to our family! We love him!